We develop and implement bespoke online training packages for a number of trade associations. We strictly adhere to the guidelines set by authorities to ensure that the training programmes we produce remain updated and relevant with frequently changing questions and governance.

We are able to create online resources that demonstrate activities in the most simple and straightforward way suitable for all levels of understanding. Using technology we have worked on, we can provide interactive platforms for participants to engage and learn safely and effectively.


Our resource platform is built with simplicity in mind. Easy to pick up, and helpful pointers to guide you through the training experience.


We design our training platforms to be viewed on any platform so individuals can learn at their own convenience and pace.


Our webcam technology ensures individuals cannot cheat and is checked and monitored against an approved identification document.


We are committed to the highest quality of training and our resources are a combination of external organisations, approved specialists and consultants.

Great value service for a leading online educational system

Our online training system produces great results for those working in the UK across various safety related industries without costing a lot of money. Our aim is to raise standards for people working in the sector in a safe and affordable manner.

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    “Working with Seddon Management Services has allowed us to grow our training platform to become nationally recognised as one of the most established libraries of quality resources in the industry. Using the perfect blend of technology and industry expertise, we have developed an innovative platform that puts the end-user in prime position to develop and enhance their learning in the industry”



    We are centrally located, giving us convenient access to the whole of the UK.

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